Your Brand Food Grade Silicone Straws(4pc), Stainless Steel Straws(4pc) & Straw Cleaning Brush(2pc)

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Your Brand Food Grade Silicone Straws(4pc) & Straw Cleaning Brush(1pc)

Food Grade Silicone Straws(4pcs)

- Eco-Friendly

- Food grade silicone material

- can be recycled, green

- Good heat resistance

- Material: Silicone

Stainless Steel Straws(4pc)

Wide Enough for all Drinks 

Enjoy your favorite drinks and beverages with these straws. Ideal for cocktails, sodas, cola, blended frozen drinks, freshly squeezed juice, milkshakes, smoothies, iced tea or coffee, beer, wine and many more.

100% BPA Free

Boasting a BPA free stainless steel craftsmanship, these drinking straws are safe for all. Women, men, teens and kids as well. They are durable, compact, long, odorless, portable, lightweight, and won’t degrade over time!

Straw Cleaning Brush(1pc)

Deep cleaning any small areas, tea pot spouts, test tubes, Children's baby kettle tumbler straws, keyboards, paint spray guns, tattoo equipment, small nozzles, work perfectly with classic and smoothie straws, convenient for cleaning funnel necks, tube or cylinder and other hard to access corners, also can be used for cleaning Yeti and RTIC 

Multifuntional: Not just for cleaning straws, convenient for cleaning funnel necks, tube or cylinder and other hard to access corners.


*Sturdy brush head, reaching the entire inner surface of the straws for a thorough clean.

*Made of Stainless Steel, durable and long lasting, soft long nylon bristles. sturdy and flexible cleaning tool, effective straw cleaners to clean each size pipes you have and they does not scratch the inside of straws

Packing List

4 * silicone Drinking Straws

4 * stainless steel Drinking Straws

1 * Straw Cleaning Brush

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