Your Brand Kitchen Combo - Ice Gola Maker Machine, Vegetables Grater, Gas Lighter, Vegetable/Fruit Peeler & Vegetables Spiral Cutter/Spiral Knife (5pcs)

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Your Brand Kitchen Combo (5pcs)

Ice Gola Maker Machine

Most Hygienic Ice Snow Maker Machine

This device is the most hygienic way to prepare Ice golas / ice slush. The product is very easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean. Once not in use this can be disassembled and stored in a box or kitchen cupboard due to its light weight and compact design.

Stainless Steel Vegetables Grater

Stainless Steel grater is a versatile vegetable and fruit grater. Grate vegetables like carrots and radishes, slice zucchini or shred ginger with ease using this multi grater. This grater has grates of different sizes. The grates are made of hi-quality stainless steel. Use grates for coarse, finely grated or shredded vegetables. 

Gas Lighter

No Gas. No Fuel. No Flints. No Battery. No Electric. Durable Product. 

Must Have For Every Kitchen Made from mild steel for highest durability with special single spark japanese Piezo for Flawless Sparks, Perfect Friend for your gas stove and make your cooking easy, safe and efficient.

Vegetable/Fruit Peeler

Pure Stainless Steel to peeler soft or harder outer veg. for all types of vegetables and Fruits Best in comfort to Grip Potato eye remover. Trim off the skins of fruits and vegetables with this peeler that makes it Ideal for all types of vegetables and fruits. Versatile and multifunctional. 

Vegetables Spiral Cutter/Spiral Knife

1 pc Vegetable Rotate Slicer Plastic Manual Spiral Screw Slicer Potato Carrot Cucumber Vegetables Spiral Cutter 

Package Content:

1 x Ice Gola Maker Machine

1 x Stainless Steel Vegetables Grater

1 x Gas Lighter

1 x Vegetable/Fruit Peeler

1 x Vegetables Spiral Cutter/Spiral Knife

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